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The Young Theatre
(at Harrow)


by David Pownall

Friday & Saturday, 12th & 13th May 1972

St. Alban‘s Church Hall, Norwood Drive, North Harrow

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Cast & Crew Rehearsal Photograph Press

Cast & Crew

The Painter Margot Hopkins
Jenkin Peter Lock
Rigg Clive Saunders
Skel Gordon Cochran (Friday)
Dennis Walters (Saturday)
Bormond Eric Bottomley
Ulf, a Wizard Julian Flack
Boy David Keary
Girl Linda Bowyer
Morog, Doom Empress of the North Jacquie Russell
Geldren Sue Macfarlen
Sool Rowena Gura
Anak Sue Bright
Nephor Margaret Tweedy
Neighbours Stella Stavrides & Jill Horrocks
Enemy Spies Louisa Brooks & Terina Brennan
The Master Andrew Kitchen
Children‘s Chorus Daniel Gloor, Kathy Smith, Rachel Keary, Mary Setchell, David Yorath, Adam Gordon & Gillian Bailey
The Enemy, the Army of Morog Karen Grout, Stella Stavrides, Jill Horrocks, Sarah Bamford, Terina Brennan, Ellen Botting, Judith Jeeves, Matthew Gloor, David Gulley, John Townsend, Katherine Peel, Claire Toeman, Jeanette Rolfe, Susan Peach, Claire Cheape & Margo King
Director Andrew Kitchen
Production Secretary Barbara Anne Wertheim
Stage Manager Alan Highet
Wardrobe Mistress Janet Gwyn
Technical Supervisor Peter Lock
Property Mistress Janet Gwyn
Lighting Graham Fryer
ASM‘s Graham Bishop, Simon Keary & Jacob Gloor
Box Office Philippa Kitchen
Publicity Andrew Kitchen
House Manager Harry Lock
Fireman Alan Highet
Cast & Crew Rehearsal Photograph Press

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