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adapted by Steven Brigg

from the novel by Terry Pratchett

13th - 15th January 2000

The Beacon Centre, Holtspur, Beaconsfield


Granny Weatherwax Rosie Earp
Nanny Ogg Kerry Annan
Agnes Nitt (Perdita) Sam Whittaker
Walter Plinge Peter Sharman
Dr. Underschaft Rory Morrin
Mr. Salzella Clem Silverman
Mr. Seldom Bucket Aoife Morrin
Greebo Gary Boon
Mrs. Plinge Victoria Cornwall
Snr. Enrico Basilica Jamie Jeffcock
Henry Slugg Jamie Jeffcock
Christine Nicola Birch
Mr. Goatberger Andrew Lister
Tommy Cripps Charlotte Larkin
Mr. Pounder Phil Macken
Snr. Basilica’s Manager Jenny Main
Death of Rats Jessy Baker
André Jessy Baker
Sgt. Detritus Rory Morrin
Corporal Nobbs Phil Macken
Arno Laura Saggers
Hron Jenny Main
Kevin Laura Saggers
Colette Sami Mehzer
Solange Izzy Smith
Giselle Emma Kelly
Directed by Susie Buckley
Associate Director Andy Macken
Production Coordinator Rob Bowen
Stage Manager Mark Oldknow
Asst. Stage Manager Simon (Pilsbury) Gurney
Lighting Design & Operation Laura Perry
Publicity Becky Sharman
Assistant Publicity Rory Morrin
Costume Mistress Jessy Baker
Property Mistress Charlotte Larkin
Set Designer Steve Macken
Make-Up Rebecca Pyle
Stage Crew Rob Bowen, Carla Quelch & Chris Reay
Construction Lauren Prager, Geraint Jones & Chris Reay

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