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Some of the awards won.

Festivals ’06

April & May 2006

Chalfont, Maidenhead & Henley Festivals

The Young Theatre - at Beaconsfield

Festival Awards 2006

Power Games

by James Ivens (original script)

Jack Mike Ivens
Jules Tom Curtis
Sarah Charlie Maling
Rachel Lucy Gillam
Isobel Jess Dutton
1st Student Charlie Maling
2nd Student Tom Curtis
3rd Student Lucy Gillam
4th Student Jess Dutton
Director James Ivens
Assistant Director Cindy Linley
Stage Manager Bridget Coles
Asst. Stage Manager Alex Firth
Designer James Ivens
Lighting Designers Martin Haswell & Cameron Gower Poole
Lighting Operator Martin Haswell
Sound Operator Cameron Gower Poole
Properties & Wardrobe Mistress Mel Winetrobe
Stage Crew Sammi Winetrobe & Mel Winetrobe
Chalfont Joyce Gunner Cup Charlie Malling
Silver Jubilee Shield Mike Ivens
Dennis Shield
Maidenhead Joan Beckley Trophy
Youth Drama Trophy
Henley (Kenton) Joanna Jones Award Jess Dutton
Cecil Hole Memorial Award Mike Ivens

Note: Power Games is a reworking of the play Commeducation, the winning play in the 2005 Burnham Trophy competition Isolation

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