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April 2012

Maidenhead, Henley, Oxted


By David Foxton
Guide 1 Al Hiscock
Anne Marston Katie Vowles
Cath Cat Jackson
Alison Genevieve Sull
Meg Warren Rebecca Jurdon
Liz Ella Wicks
Rebecca Millie Moran
Mary Morton Iona Fielding
Simon Joe Eales
Guide 2 Allie Baldwin
Susan Makem Anna Howson
James Darlow Harvey Causon
Richard Darlow Josh Penn
Guide 3 Al Hiscock
Pastor Arnold Alexander Northwood
Guide 4 Allie Baldwin
Dr. Allenby Al Hiscock
Directed by Tom McGrath
At Henley Drama Festival this production won Best Junior Youth and Best Performance in a Class IV Entry (Katie Vowles)

By Noel Coward
Alice Catherine Hiscock
MarionLucy Kelley-Patterson
David Tom McGrath
Directed and Designed by Mark Oldknow
LightingJames Hart
WardrobeXye Appleton
Crew Craig Greenhalgh & Ben Krebs 
Acknowledgements: Jason Krebs, Graham Southgate, Jenny Quille, ALRA, Rickmansworth Players & Gemma Wilks 
This production won Maidenhead Drama Festival, also winning there the All England Theatre Festival class and receiving the Special Award for Stage Presentation

At Henley Drama Festival this production received the Runner-Up award as well as Best Stage Presentation, Best Actress (Catherine Hiscock) and Best Performance in a Supporting Role (Lucy Kelley-Patterson).

The production reached the semi-finals of the All England Theatre Festival and went on to perform at the National Drama Festival Association‘s British All Winners Drama Festival

it was also performed on the Friday evening of The Burnham Trophy Ambition

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