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The Beaconsfield Pantomime

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

by Mark Oldknow

23, 24, 27 December 2015

The Curzon Centre, Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield

Snow White

Snow White Angel Witney
Prince Valiant Lucy Carver
Muddles Tom McGrath
Daisy Flippit Mark Oldknow
Queen Abbie Verity
Mirror Antony Sendall
Fairy Nuff Helen Sendall
Rose Red Eleanor Storey
Major Domo Ewan McPhillips
Martin the Huntsman Alexander Northwood
Carl the Minion Kieran McPhillips
Eloise, Queen of the Fairies Lizzie Baldwin
Smarty Jess Woodrow
Simples Alexandra Askew* Annalise Reynolds†
Smiley Evie Gibbon* Grace Reynolds†
Snoozy Hannah Douglas* David Douglas†
Snuffly Molly Sendall
Soppy Saffron Stringer* Tara Kubba-Hyde†
Surly Sam Nathan-Saffron*Lucas Walker†
Principal Dancers Allie Baldwin, Lizzie Baldwin, Lily Grafham, Rachie Ing, Zoe Kaye, Katie Vowles, Gwennan Williams
Chorus Jonathan Douglas, Izzy Loudon, Rachel Manley
* = White Cast, performed 23rd @ 7:30pm, 24th @ 1pm, 27th @ 4:30pm
† = Red Cast, performed 23rd @ 2:30pm, 24th @ 4:30pm, 27th @ 1pm
Director Mark Oldknow
Producers Ben Krebs & Tom McGrath
Assistant Director Tom McGrath
Choreographer Allie Baldwin
Production Manager Ben Krebs
Stage Manager Emma Wroe
Deputy Stage Manager Lotty Clare
Crew Chief Matt Shraga
Construction Chief Graham Southgate
Sound Designer Jamie Goodliffe
Assistant Sound Fin Cuthbert
Stage Sound Thomas Blackmore
Assistant Stage Sound Will Richards
Lighting Matt Hinde
Stage Electrics / Effects Matt Cowley
Wardrobe Mistress Jay Oldknow
Front of House Manager Katie Vowles
Dawn Southgate (Props); Helen Sendall (Scenic Artist); Tony Sendall (Photos); Craig Greenhalgh (Tech Support); Joe Kirk (Equipment); Ardent Productions (Equipment); SSLS Audio (Equipment); Siyan Ltd. (Equipment); Dry Hire Lighting (Equipment); S+H Tech Support (Equipment); RGS High Wycombe (Equipment)

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