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Festival Entries 2007

Maidenhead Festival 19th-21st April 2007
Kenton Drama Festival at Henley
8th - 12th May 2007
The Mysteries: The Passionby Mark Oldknow
DirectorHelen Sharman
Assistant Director Eliot Blagden
Producer Mark Oldknow
Stage Manager Jen McSloy
Sound Alex Firth
Lighting Cameron Gower Poole
Actor 1    Claire Sinton
Actor 2    Marianne Michael
Actor 3    Beth Graham
Actor 4    Helen Staunton
Actor 5    Eimear Morrin
Actor 6  
Ali McSloy 
Round the World with Class 6by Nick Warburton
The script at Amazon
Director Sam Webb
Assistant Director Tom Curtis
Producer Mark Oldknow
Cast Chris Anstey
Christian Northwood
Isabelle Lawn
Carys Rees
Annabelle Moran
Louise Morris
Jessica Firth
Emily Baldwin was replaced at short notice by Ally McSloy at Henley
Stage Manager Jen McSloy
Sound Alex Firth
Cameron Gower Poole
(Cameron and Alex received a special mention from the adjudicator at Maidenhead.)
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