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The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield)

The Burnham Trophy


15th & 16th July 2005

The Beacon Centre, Holtspur, Beaconsfield

The Burnham Trophy

Adjudicators: Friday Frances Colyer GODA
Saturday Philip Sheahan


Written & Directed by Harriet Abbott; Lara Henry & Peter Sharman

Mike Mike Rozario
Lucy Lucy Gillam
Tom Tom Curtis
Toby Peter Sharman
Chloe Chloe Mantripp
Nurse Issi Lawn
Stage Manager Jamie Robinson
Sound Designer & Operator Matt Willmot
Lighting Designer & Operator Rob May


By Emma Reay

Sean Daley Sean Wilson
Melanie Emma Reay
Melanie Siobhan Hill
Ex-boyfriend Chris Henry
Sarah Carla Howie
Dr. Callum Charlie Merriman
Bartender James Jeans
Director Chris Henry
Sound & Lights Katie Pitt
Stage Manager Sammi Weintroube
ASM Amy Stedman-Treear
Bridget Coles
Marketing Jess Templeton


By James Ivens

Jack Rob Gamble
Sarah/4th Student Georgie Ferrari
Rachel/3rd StudentCharlie Maling
Isobel/2nd StudentJess Dutton
Jules/1st Student Elliot Blagden
Director Mike Ivens
Stage Manager Rebecca Pye
Sound Cameron Gower-Poole
Lighting Jen McSloy
Costume Mel Weintroube



Cindy Linley, Martin Haswell and Mark Oldknow
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