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Snow Queen : January 1987

Production Photographs

Right: Mark Britton as Zerban, the magician
 Left: The Roof-top Garden - Kai (right) with Gerda's Grandmother (Susan Thorndike) watched by Gerda's friends Bente (Karen Ogborn) & Ingrid (Alex Dobson)
Right: Kai (Jeremy Murrell) sits in the sleigh with the Snow Queen (Clare Murrell) while Sleet (Leona Smith - left) and Frost (Peter Fison) struggle to pull it!
 Left: Urdr (Aviva Wiseman - left) with Gerda (Clare Garnett - second right) in the Enchanted Garden with (from right to left) Wooden Soldier (Graham Wilkinson); Tiger-Lily (Angharad Rhys-Williams); Snowdrop (Tanya Baker) and Gar the Gardener Gnome (Matthew Humberstone)
Above: The Enchanted Garden setting
Above: The Robbers Camp
Right: Sleet and Frost (Leona Smith & Peter Fison) having a "difference of opinion" with the Captain of the Ice Guards (Mike Jeffries) ... The Ice Guards seen behind them include Matthew Humberstone (left) and Rick Warden & Andrew Brimelow (right) with Peter Machin largely hidden behind his captain!
 Left: Tiny (Belinda Frith) and Gerda (Claire Garnett) are not too sure about Krark (Paul Bacon) disguising himself as a penguin !
Right: Kai (Jeremy Murrell) and Gerda (Claire Garnett) with the other prisoners of the Snow Queen (believed to be:- Anna Fairgrieve; Amy Charles; Elisabeth Brownbill; Tanya Baker; Anharad Rees-Williams & (in front) Gareth Benest) try to work out the key word to rebuild the mirror, watched by Krark (Paul Bacon - left)
 Left: The Snow Queen (Clare Murrell) with Sleet & Frost (Leona Smith & Peter Fison) and her Attendants (believed to be:- Alex Dobson; Sian Holding & Kathy Cook)

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