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Ian and Tim have spent many an hour building this web site, putting the world to rights and eating lots of cheese-on-toast. Apart from our time, which we give freely and gladly, we meet the costs of hosting and accessing this site out of our own pockets. As you may know, big web sites don't come cheap and it would really help us if you would please toss a few coins in the hat while you are here. To make it easy we have provided a PayPal button:

If you would rather not give us cash - any amount of pence is welcome - why not use any of the links below this icon bar and we may then benefit from any referral. I heartily recommend The Phone Coop as the profits belong to the customers. Do you have an Amazon Wish List? Here’s mine! ;-)

Interact Yta Young Theatre Xyt The Young Theatre (Harrow). Historical Information. The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield) - Historical Information and a link to the Beaconsfield Group's own home page with the Box Office for new productions Copyright information about this page & this site.
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