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the Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield)

Our Town

By Thornton Wilder

Burnham Hall, Beaconsfield

25th, 26th & 27th April 1974

Programme Cover

Cast & Crew

Stage Manager Ian Wallace
Mrs. Gibbs Anne McBride
Mrs. Webb Penny Harwood
Dr. Gibbs Nick Hall
Joe Crowell Richard Harwood
Howie Newsome Tony Barker
George Gibbs Mark Britton
Rebecca Gibbs Louise Dougdale
Wally Webb David Irwin
Emily Webb Eufron Bowden
Professor Willard Michael Wiseman
Mr. Webb Nigel Davies
Simon Stimson Martin Walker
Mrs. Soames Alison Thorpe
Constable Warren Tim Orlik
Si Crowell Richard Harwood
Joe Stoddard Michael Hulls
Sam Craig Jon Gilson
With: Sally Harwood, Caroline Powell, Sally White, Antony Barry, Liz Wiseman, Nicholas Hall, Zara Patterson & Felicity Wiseman
Director Aviva Wiseman
Stage Management Felicity Wiseman & Zara Patterson
Production Secretary Susan Wallace
Lighting Ian Yellowlees; Jim Webb & Martin Wiseman
Sound Clive Corner & Simon Bird
Costumes Susan Wallace & Karen Simpson
Graphics Gillian Graves
Publicity Anne McBride
House Manager David Blott (Snr.)

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