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The Young Theatre (at Harrow)

The Wizard of Oz

Book by L.Frank Baum

Lyrics by E.Y.Harburg

Music by Harold Arlen

St.Alban’s Hall, Norwood Drive, North Harrow

Thursday, Friday, Saturday: December 16th, 17th, 18th 1976
The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy Rosalind Holness
Scarecrow Danny Long
Tinman Jeffrey Cole
Lion Alastair Allen
Aunt Em Linda Black [1]
Uncle Henry Paul Moran
Joe Paul Bhattacharjee
Farmhands Ronnie Wilkinson, Tony Wilkinson & Gary Wilkinson
Sorceress Jackie Beaumont
Witch of the West Jacquie Russell
Visitors Danusia Iwaszko & Charlotte Barker
Tibia Matthew Edwards
Wizard of Oz Paul Bhattacharjee
Generals Clive Saunders, Simon Philpot, Tim Smith & Jeremy Watkiss
Private John Dell
Lord Growlie Paul Moran
Ozmas David Petrook
Lady of Oz Sheila Nicoll
Gloria Elizabeth Dell
Girls Christine Stevens & Margaret Prythergech
Munchkins… …Mayor Lesley Barnes
…Farmer Andrew Nicoll
…Barrister Mark Cottis
…Coroner Ian Piller
…Male Mark Piller
…Females Geraldine Lynch, Sylvia Sidorowicz, Elaine Nunn, Catherine Hunter & Susan Freeman
Jitterbugs & Creeps Gill Evans, Judy Gray, Emma Marks, Barbie Rhodes, Janet Fiferman & Lesley Simons
Note: [1] Kay Koré took over this role at short notice for at least one of the performances.
Production Team
Directed by Michael Williams
Designed by Dave Smart, Neil Macdonald & Michael Williams
Music directed by Sue Collett
Assisted by Susan Aiers
Additional Musicians Tim Smith, Craig Henderson & Nigel Edwards
Choreography by Neil Macdonald & Michael Williams
Production Manager Kay Koré
Production Assistants Hannah Lubich & Robert Glenister
Stage Manager Dave Smart
Set Construction Chris Marygold
Construction/Set Changes Tony Brigg, Michael Phelan, Jeremy Watkiss, Mark Campbell & Jim Culverhouse
Lighting & Sound Colin Horne
Lights Operator Phil O’Brien
Follow-spots John Mead & Neil Macdonald
Recorded Sound Simon Philpot
Live Sound Tim Smith
Properties Sheila Nicoll
Assisted by Lesley Simon
Wardrobe Gill Evans
Assisted by Charlotte Barker, Susan Cohen, Elizabeth Dell, Stephanie Hurst, Christine Stevens, Emma Marks & Neil Macdonald
Make Up Judy Gray
Assisted by Margaret Prythergech, Stephanie Hurst, Susan Mann, Susan Topiol & Jenny Carden Noad
Box Office Jacquie Russell
House Manager Marie Haslam
Assisted by Janet Fiferman
Fire Officer Kay Koré
Publicity Neil Macdonald
This major and complex musical production—staged as usual at St Alban’s Church Hall, North Harrow—was the first Young Theatre production directed by Michael Williams after he took over as Group Director

Information and images received from Mike Williams and Jacqui Russell

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