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By A.A.Milne

Adapted by Glynn Robbins

7th, 8th & 9th January 1993

Curzon Centre, Maxwell Rd, Beaconsfield


Nanny Sam Buckles
Christopher Robin Rhodri Jones
Pooh Gareth Benest
Piglet Stephanie Cox
Eeyore Hari Rhys-Williams
Owl Laurence Markham
Rabbit Dani Hutton-Penman
Tigger Nick Barber
Kanga Helen Wallace
Roo Jane Openshaw
Alexander Beetle Nicola Sak
Director Lis Brownbill
Assistant Director Kate Barber
Artistic Design Stephanie Lennon
Set Designer Graham Southgate
Stage Manager Russell Brownbill
Stage Team Jonathan Fowke; Stephanie Lennon; James Lipscombe; Magnus Stewart; Graham Southgate & Simon Batts
Props Claire McKenna; Claire Jones;
James Lipscombe & Robert Diment
Costumes Catherine Bartlet; Lizzie French;
Alison Lister & Haidee Sheahan
Lighting Mark Richards & Jonathan Fowke
Sound Lewis Brown
Music Sam Buckles
Make-Up Helen Sharman; Lara Wiggett;
Sarah Leach & Claire Smith
Publicity Dani Hutton-Penman & Katie Bowler
Front Of House Karen Ogborn; Jo John & Perdy Brown
Additional Set Building & Construction Crew
Gareth Benest; Jessica Benest; Danielle Benest; Stephanie Cox;
Dave Farey; Suzanne Holyer; Jo John; Karen Ogborn
and various other members of Young Theatre!
Kathryn Sak; Becky Sharman; Jessica Benest; Caroline Richards; Lauren Barber; Robert Diment & Sophie Stockley

Information kindly supplied by Catherine Lambert and Dave Farey

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