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> This page is about how to subscribe to Archiver, or you can read current and old editions of Archiver

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Anyone is welcome to receive a copy of our email newsletter Archiver. It is our webmaster’s almost monthly newsletter giving notice of changes to The Young Theatre Archive which will include forthcoming productions, new members’ meetings, and other public events if we know about them. Archiver is delivered only by email but is available online. Back issues are here.

Members, their Parents and Friends of The Young Theatre in Beaconsfield probably already receive paper and/or email newsletters which may or may not be called Prompt or ePrompt from the Group itself. You need to speak to the Beaconsfield Group in order to subscribe to their newsletters and join their facebook group. (All applications to them will be checked against membership records to establish entitlement to newsletters.)

To subscribe to Archiver all you need to do is send an email to with the subject "SIGNON" (all capitals, no space, no quotes). The Subscribe button should prepare a suitable message, or select this next link, and send the email message which is created:

Thanks for subscribing if you do. Please note: your details won’t be given to anyone else. Addresses which bounce will be deleted from the distribution list. Please remember to read your email! Every email we send will have an unsubscribe option: send a blank email from the subscribed address with the subject "SIGNOFF" (all capitals, no space, no quotes).

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